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September 11, 2016

Old home, new home : Wildflowers in Perth

Perth, we're back! We've been back in Australia for two weeks now, and it's both strange and strangely normal. Leaving Japan was incredibly sad and difficult, but it has really helped that both Kam and I got stuck into work straight away, without even a moment to slow down and consider the magnitude of things. The weather has been splendid, the sky endless and blue, and we've had happy reunions with family, friends and dogs.

Today was the first time since we landed that we were free of errands and work, and were able to get out exploring. Moving countries and going straight into a new life is tiring, guys! I'm very thankful for today, spending time alone in nature with Kamil and a dog called Ollie

Thanks for reading! ありがとう!Here are a few bonus "back in Australia" shots for making it to the end of the post ...


  1. This post reminds me of the days I spend in Perth. I love Kings Park flowers x

    1. Yes! The flowers there are really spectacular!