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August 14, 2016

Filtered Fukuoka: July and August Moments

It'll come as no surprise that we are very busy right now as we prepare to leave Fukuoka in less than two weeks. Right now we're in intense packing mode, pulling apart our little Nishijin apartment and deciding what to bring home, meeting buyers to hand over our beloved furniture and household items (without being too nostalgic about the things we're selling), and meeting as many friends as we can, while we can. 

The past two months have been punctuated with many joyous moments, as rainy season dried up and the summer sun settled in for residence. A symphony of semi (Japanese cicada) as our daily alarm clock, farewell lunches galore, swing dancing lessons, live gigs, fireworks festivals, days spent wandering around the city in the sun with friends, farewell dinners, pool parties, BBQ parties, curry and karaoke at home with friends in our living room (accompanied by Kam on guitar), sunflowers, early morning walks to the hilltop shrine, catching Pokemon everywhere we go, new book shop visits, and more cuddles with our favourite baby. 

Knowing that we're leaving, it's hard to turn down invitations, which makes it hard to stay focused on packing up our lives... It's been rather tiring but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Bring on the final two weeks, Fukuoka. I'm not quite ready to hop off this rollercoaster yet...

ありがとう! Thanks for looking~

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