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July 19, 2016

Kyushu Summer Roadtrip Part 4: Hyuga Surf & Swim Sessions

Early morning beach walks, delicious Miyazaki meals, long swims and surfs in the cold Pacific Ocean with great waves: these are the things we come to Hyuga for. A small minshuku (Japanese inn) for surfers sits right on the edge of the beach, and that is where we stay each time. Our room faces the ocean and is a place to clear your head. It's clean, bare and lacking distractions and I always seem to get a lot done inside the room. On this particular occasion I spent hours drawing. Kam surfs to his heart's content and I swim near him, diving under powerful waves. As a wave crashes on my feet, I resurface and spin around towards the shore to see if Kam caught the wave. If he did, I watch him ride it before disappearing into the whitewash. He paddles back out to where I am floating to wait for the next wave.

The refreshing feeling of swimming at Hyuga, and a clear and productive mind always stay with me when I return home.

After a night by the sea and lots of swimming by day, we headed home to Fukuoka. That was the end of our two night Kyushu Summer Roadtrip. Short but very sweet. 
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