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July 19, 2016

Kyushu Summer Roadtrip Part 3: Return to Umi Jigoku

The very first time we visited Beppu in 2012, we explored some of the city's famous jigoku (translated to "hell/s" in English): bubbling mud and steaming white smoke rising swiftly from pools of vibrant geothermally heated water. 

Most tourists go to Beppu for a dip in the famous onsen, but you cannot bathe in the jigoku hot springs (for the obvious reason that it is just too hot).

 The Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) stuck in my mind as a symbol of Beppu since we saw it four years ago, and I was reminded of it again when we visited Iceland last year. 

With a little spare time on our way out of Oita Prefecture, I asked Kam to pull the car over at the Umi Jigoku and I entered to soak up the beautiful atmosphere of the boiling aquamarine pond and its surroundings. 

Thanks for looking ありがとう!

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