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July 18, 2016

Kyushu Summer Roadtrip Part 2: Beppu Art House Project

Searching for a place to stay on Airbnb is becoming a favourite aspect of holiday planning. So far, we've had an 100% success rate using the site to find unique and affordable accommodations in Finland, Iceland, Tokyo... and now Beppu, Oita.  

It was pelting down with rain as we arrived at the old house in the Hamawaki hot spring area of Beppu. Down an unassuming and somewhat rundown alley, we found the night's lodging: "Beppu Art House Project". In 2012 Japanese artist Satoshi Hirose transformed the 100-year-old house as part of the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival "Mixed Bathing World", and it has recently been opened up to overnight visitors. 

At the end of the little alleyway there are two "art houses" the "House of Citrus Sphaerocarpa" (predominantly white in my pictures below) and "The Garden of Firmament"(blue). Your reservation provides you with a key and exclusive access to both houses for the night. We took a walk to a nearby neigbourhood onsen for the complete local experience, before setting up our futons on the glass floor of the second storey to fall asleep overlooking the surreal, glowing blue artwork below us. 

You can find the Beppu Art House Project listing here. More photos from the second day of our Kyushu Summer Roadtrip coming up! x

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