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June 1, 2016

Shikoku Roadtrip Part 2: Camping in Iya Valley

Another day, another drive. After devouring a satisfying ryokan-style breakfast in Dōgo Onsen we said our goodbyes to Ehime Prefecture and were back on the highway in our trusty Mini Pajero. In contrast to the previous night's fancy ryokan accommodation, we were setting off for a campsite in Iya Valley (祖谷渓谷), Tokushima Prefecture.
Driving in Japan is such a pleasure. We were greeted in Tokushima with views so scenic that my eyes were darting around taking it all in: mountains, valleys, little bridges over the rushing Iya River, old farmhouses, tiny villages, long and winding roads (such as were sung about by The Beatles). The drive was as good as the destination: Iya Kei Camp Village. There, we pitched our little tent with a stunning view of the gorge below and spent a relaxing afternoon by the river (which was freezing, yet still tempted us to have a thigh-high frolic). As the sun set, we barbecued a campsite meal and made a night-run to a nearby onsen before zipping up the tent to sleep. 

ありがとう!Thanks for looking, my final selection of Shikoku island photos are coming soon x


  1. Your blog is the cutest and now I'm super sad I didn't make Shikoku a must do on my Japan trip! Love your drawings too :)

  2. Thank you!! There are definitely too many wonderful places in Japan to fit into one trip, but at least it gives you a reason to return :)