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June 21, 2016

Filtered Fukuoka: May and June Moments

Lately I feel like my blog has been dominated with photos from our mini-trips around Japan so I want to take a moment to pause. This year we're trying to tick as many spots off our "Japan wishlist" as possible. In-between these trips, however, life goes on (lovely as ever) in Fukuoka and I continue to take snapshots in my favourite city. Today, I'll share moments from the past two months in which it became hot and then rainy. 

I turned a year older in May and a few days later our best friends welcomed their first child into the world. Meanwhile, another friend's Dad opened a new coffee shop, the hydrangea came into bloom, Kamil and I enjoyed rooftop ciders in Daimyo and free tickets to the baseball. I worked and drew, made a zine about summer in Japan, recorded a few more voiceovers for TV commercials, and 藍染 (aizome) dyed my old clothes with indigo pigment for summer. We swing danced a lot and had a makizushi and takoyaki party at our dance teacher's apartment which lasted all afternoon. The new OIOI/Kitte Hakata building opened and I went there with my dear friend who was back in Fukuoka for a work trip after moving to Korea at the start of 2016. Cold noodles dishes and salads dominated my cooking, and I've switched completely from hot to iced tea for the summer months. 

It's been a good few months, and as I sit writing this at my desk with heavy seasonal rains of 梅雨 (tsyuyu / rainy season) outside my window, I'm happy I chose to reflect on them. Here we go... 

ありがとう! Thanks for looking. Next up, postcards from Tokyo (from whence we just returned!)


  1. such beautiful/inspiring photos!

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm glad you commented on my blog, because I'm enjoying your Japan photos too : )