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June 26, 2016

Waterfalls and Ajisai at Mikaeri-no-taki

40,000 ajisai and one of Kyushu's best waterfalls make Mikaeri-no-Taki a must-see hydrangea spot.
Ever since our hydrangea hike in Fukuoka two years ago (blog post here) I've been in love with the floral emblem of Japan's rainy season. Known as ajisai in Japanese, they symbolise the coming of summer and pop up everywhere in June. I love them best when they're drenched in rain on a steamy wet day. The flowers are bunched together in natural little bouquets that emerge from bushes of distinctive deep green leaves. Ajisai are stunning when they first bloom - bright blue and violet - but there's also some special magic to the way they fade into pastels as the season progresses. Finally, when the hot summer sunshine is more frequent than the rainy season's showers, ajisai flowers start to dry out and die.
This year I was recommended to visit a waterfall in Saga called Mikaeri-no-taki which is famous for its ajisai festival in June. Though it's been a busy month I was determined to make it there this year. We took advantage of yesterday's free time and sunshine to drive to Saga and try our luck on the last weekend of the festival (hoping that the ajisai would still be genki) and I'm glad we did! Nestled amongst hills and along pathways leading up to the waterfall (about a 15-20 minute walk) were thousands of ajisai - a little faded but beautiful nonetheless. Reaching your destination, you're rewarded with the cool spray of a massive, powerful waterfall. Both the setting  and the scale of this ajisai festival make it a worthwhile trip for any hydrangea-fan (or waterfall fan for that matter). Thanks to Yumiko for the recommendation!

ありがとう!Thanks for looking, leave a comment if you liked this ajisai wonderland!

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