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June 24, 2016

A Weekend in Tokyo in June. 東京の週末

Tokyo: a metropolis of over 13 million, and the capital of the country I call home. I've been to Tokyo quite a few times (eight separate trips, if I've counted correctly) and in the seven years since my first visit, my thoughts on the big smoke have shifted yearly. Each trip I find something new to love: absorbing the sights and sounds and always leaving with fresh inspiration. On the other hand, I feel progressively less excited by the things which used to mesmerise me about Tokyo. 
Nowadays I enjoy catching that Tokyo-bound plane because it means I can hang out with my brother and friends who live there, have a chance to trawl through the abundance of vintage and record shops in quieter neighbourhoods, eat cute and delicious meals at cafes and restaurants that I've heard about through Instragram or blogs, and take lots of photos. I love to observe the frantic Tokyo mood but prefer to tap-out of it whenever I can, in favour of smaller districts where back streets allow you to linger. 

The weather was extra-hot over the four days I was in town which prevented me from taking as many photos as I would have liked (I was too busy trying to avoid getting too sweaty!!) Here is the order of photos you'll see below: arriving in Shibuya, settling into my brother's apartment, a day trip to Kawagoe (Saitama), a day in Kichijoji and meeting with my lovely friend Natsuki, a day in Shimokitazawa after Kamil arrived in town (consuming Totoro Cream Puffs!!), dinner with my brother, our airbnb in Sangenjaya, lunch with Kat at the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House, and a surprise appearance by Fuji-san from the air on our way back home to little old lovely Fukuoka. 

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