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April 29, 2016

Osaka Diaries 2016 - Part 1: Records and Rooftops

It's the start of Golden Week in Japan - a bunch of public holidays that usually group together to make one big week off work for most people. Kam's work doesn't close over Golden Week and he is working this year, so instead we took a little pre-GW trip to Osaka. The main reason we booked the trip was to see Perth band Tame Impala play live. So on Tuesday morning we hopped over to Kansai, and were greeted with perfect sunny weather to bicycle around the city before the gig that night. 

Near our hostel, we found a special little record shop called 'Drella Record'. The shop interior was spot on: filled with colour, art and unusual items like a cymbal-bashing monkey (as well as loads of good records).

I had read about Biotop on Orange Street and was determined to check it out. The rooftop restaurant is packed with plants, the sun was shining and the apple & cinnamon pizza was good. Our trip started to feel like a proper holiday.

We passed through the tourist mecca of Dotonbori on our way to the gig. Kam was initiated into Osaka's specialty dish "kushi-katsu" which is basically just a bunch of different things (meats, prawns, vegetables, cheese, mochi) skewered and deep fried. The last time I had it was about three and a half years ago, and although it's nice, it's the kind of dish that I could definitely wait another three years before eating again.

Back on our bicycles, we got across town to Namba Hatch to see Tame Impala's gig, complete with confetti cannons, swirling lights and excellent tunes.

Part 2 & 3 of our Osaka trip coming soon x

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