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March 13, 2016

真珠夜會第五夜 : PEARL Night at Dixie

A few short months ago Kam and I picked up a new hobby in Fukuoka - swing dancing. There's a little but lovely community for it, and this past weekend we attended a very cool event '真珠夜會第五夜' at a New Orleans themed restaurant called Dixie. Run by the owners of vintage shop PEARL in Yakuin, the event's highlights included lots of amazingly dressed guests, incredible live jazz, great food and drinks and lots of dancing! As somebody who (until very recently) would have quickly admitted "I can't dance", it's rather thrilling to be whirling around the dance floor with increasing confidence. Add to that great jazz tunes and an excuse to dress up in my favourite vintage dresses and you've got a winning combo. 

There was also an after-party at a bar in Akasaka where the dancing and good times continued early into the morning.

The outfit I pulled together on the day...


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