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February 15, 2016

Pink Wintery Ume Days

After those bizarre and exciting snow days melted away, Fukuoka's weather returned to its regular winter schedule. Days in February are chilly, alternating between cold grey days and rare but beautiful sunny days. 

Recently the 梅 plum blossoms have bloomed, adding a vibrant pink to the palette of the neighbourhoods. They don't get as much credit as sakura, but it's always a relief to see them blooming brightly - a sign that the end of winter is not too far away. 

We've been trying out some new cafes and restaurants lately; I suddenly had the realisation that we return to the same places time and time again, and that's just lazy. Fukuoka is full of interesting shops, so it's up to us to continue exploring and discovering. Here is a new spot in the Yakuin area that we visited called Saturday. And Ready where we spent a great afternoon and ate a great burger.

ワンモア (one more), perfect little shop front in Kego.

Finally, here are two new additions to our kitchen that I adore: a pear kettle from a Daimyo antique shop and a family of goose measuring cups from the Hakozaki flea market.

In a few days we are off on a long-awaited adventure to Shirakawa-go. Can't wait to share the highlights of our trip when we get back. 

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  1. Oooh that pear teapot is so kawaii! Nice finds. I'm glad I found your blog - I just returned from a month-long trip to Japan and I miss it so much! I can live vicariously through you :)