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January 20, 2016

Snow Hike! Nanshogataki, Fukuoka

A little bit of snow is the basis of a huge deal of excitement in our household. We two Australians are not at all used to the sight of snow. It seems unreal and a little magical. Although we rarely get much snow in Fukuoka, we are on constant snow-watch when it appears in our weather forecast. Yesterday we had light snow showers all day but not enough to settle on the ground. After that little taste we wanted more, so we sought it out in the mountains with a snowy hike to Nanshogataki. The route is known for its frozen waterfall in winter about 1.5 hours up the mountain, so that was our destination today. 

It was my first hike in the snow and first time to use crampons in Japan (the little spikes you attach to your boots for better traction in the snow). The forest looks so different dressed in white and the frozen waterfall was simply amazing.


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