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December 6, 2015

Neighbourhood Walks: Fujisaki

Everyday moments here are special. Your eyes are always ready to drink in scenes that are a little bit magical, but for reasons you can't really pinpoint. Yesterday I took my camera on a little walk around the Fujisaki/Takatori end of the Nishijin Shotengai.

This end of the shotengai is much quieter than the bustling Nishijin-eki side. Here you'll find plenty of little restaurants, and family run businesses like florists, fish merchants, fruit 'n veg shops and many more.

Blue and red barbershop pole and what appears to be a pretend bus-stop. Great colour combo.

Pot plant gardens and vending machines are a vital element of Japanese city scenes.

Always make an effort to look up when you're walking around a Japanese city. There's usually something interesting to look at above street level.

An old building in the shotengai has stunning wooden accents.

Love the signage of this hairdresser's shop, and the "Cut and Purm".

Little fruit 'n veg shops are my favourite, with cheaper and fresher produce than the supermarkets and lots of seasonal goods.

An optometrist/めがね (eye-glasses) shop next door to a florist.

A really intriguing little bar, with its yellow facade, black kitty and a tiny "Abbey Road" sign.

Old building, new scooter.


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