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October 19, 2015

Early Autumn Camping: Sefuri & Yoshino

Wanting to take advantage of the still rather warm early Autumn weather, Kam and I decided to take a little overnight camping trip last night. The plan was to drive up to the top of Mount Sefuri, on the border of Fukuoka and Saga Prefectures, and set up our tent in the campground near the mountain peak. To our disappointment we arrived to find a sign at the campground warning of multiple sightings of a bear in the area the day before. There were two TV crews reporting from the carpark, a police car on patrol and a helicopter in the sky. No other tents were set up in the campground.

We walked up the peak of Mount Sefuri to take in the view and weigh up our options for the night. 

The views from the top of Mount Sefuri are quite spectacular, although the air quality wasn't great when we visited.

Deciding not to risk it with the bear, we bundled back into the car in search of another campground. 

The alternative campground we settled on was in Yoshino, near the bottom of Mount Sefuri. The facilities were lovely and we basically had the place to ourselves.

It was our first time to camp in style; Usually we are camping and hiking, and less prepared to make a proper meal. This time we brought camp chairs and table, a little gas cooker from home and Kam whipped up some delicious yaki-soba.

As the sun set, it became very cold very quickly. We ended up freezing overnight even though we were confident our layers of clothing and warm sleeping bags were going to be enough. Lesson learnt! 

The morning sun was a big relief, and we ate warm breakfast oats and thawed our frosty selves.


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