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July 24, 2015

Two Weeks in Iceland, Day 8: Akureyri, Whale Watching at Dalvík, Hofsós

Another long but lovely day. Post-breakfast we made a quick exit from Mývatn, setting out for Akureyri - Iceland's second biggest city. On the way we stopped off at Goðafoss, yet another of Iceland's amazing waterfalls.

Akureryi was a really nice place - very much like a tiny Reykjavik. Similarities we noticed included matching main coffee strips, a Harpa-esque hall called Hoff, a church designed by the same architect who made Hallgrímskirkja, plus an array of cool little cafes, bookshops, street art and so on. Walking through the centre of the city we made our way to the botanic garden to wander amongst flowers and shared a slice of cake at the cafe formerly known as Björk. Thanks to a very kind Red Cross employee, we also managed to enter the Red Cross secondhand shop before opening hours to look for a lopapeysur sweater for Kamil (no luck there, unfortunately they were all too big).

Whale watching was the day's big event and it turned out to be a very successful venture. We spotted two humpbacks on our 3-hour boat trip from Dalvík.

There was a rush of excitement each time our skipper yelled "Whale! 3 o'clock!" (or something to that effect) and everyone on board rushed to catch a glimpse of an immense tail disappearing underwater again.

We also tried a little fishing off the boat and when we got back to shore, we ate the day's catch freshly barbecued by our tour guide.

On the road again, we made our way to Hofsós, a tiny town with an impressive "infinity" nature pool located right on a cliff overlooking the ocean. 

After another unbelievably great swim we found some dinner and made ourselves at home at our accommodation for the night in Skagafjörður.

To be continued

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