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July 24, 2015

Two Weeks in Iceland, Day 7: Mývatn

For the first time on our road trip of Iceland we would be staying in the same place for two nights in a row, so we spent the day at a more leisurely place (i.e. not too much driving) checking out our surroundings in Mývatn, a rather eerie place.
The weather was bright, warm and sunny and the lake and town were very pretty, but we found that all of the lunar landscapes had an unsettling quality to their beauty. Creepy green crater lakes, sulphuric gas steaming from the earth, lava rock formations at Dimmuborgir, and a massive crater at Hverfjall, plus pseudo-craters near the lake. Add in swarms of midges and lots of flies and you've got Mývatn. It's an interesting place for sure, but everything there was a little bit strange.

We had a supermarket-bought lunch inside a lava rock cave and made our own dinner. In the evening we headed to the local pool and had a nice long swim.

Chatting to some lovely Icelanders in the hotpot and swimming endless laps was the perfect end to our more relaxing day. I felt like we had recharged our batteries.

To be continued

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