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July 24, 2015

Two Weeks in Iceland, Day 11: Þingeyri, Dynjandi, Látrabjarg

Headed to the West Fjord's most southern edge, today's road trip was long. We started with a nice little hike through a valley in Þingeyri where it was super windy but picturesque. 

After a much-needed hot soup lunch at a cool indie cafe in the tiny town of Þingeyri we were back on the pavement in our rental car. 

Our legs got another chance to stretch at the next stop -  the incredible waterfall Dynjandi, which had multiple falls flowing at once. You can walk up to the top level and feel the power standing right next to the largest falls. We both agreed it was our favourite waterfall in Iceland, which is saying a lot.

The next three hours were spent driving to and from Europe's westernmost point at Látrabjarg, along a really rough gravel road that tested the strength of our non-4WD rental car. 

We had read great things in the Lonely Planet and our tour guide book about Látrabjarg before visiting, but upon arrival I wasn't too impressed - the drop off the cliffs was nightmarishly high (with no railing in sight!) and there were lots of nesting birds but hardly any puffins. I could definitely see the appeal of the tourist spot - the cliffs themselves are very pretty (if you don't have a fear of heights!) and the view out to sea was spectacular. Naturally, it's a bird watcher's heaven. 

However, personally it didn't come close to the any of the beautiful natural attractions we had seen in the past ten days, and didn't think it was worth the dusty, gravel-road trek of a drive to get there. Sorry Látrabjarg! You're just not my cup of tea. 

Next we stopped off at another outdoor hot pot but only Kam went in this time, as it was tiny and full of male construction workers. Our accommodation for the night in Bíldudalurwas a guesthouse in the building of what used to be a supermarket in the 1950s. 

To be continued 

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