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July 24, 2015

Two Weeks in Iceland, Day 10: West Fjords, Súðavík & Ísafjörður

Day ten was a windy day driving through the West Fjords listening to Björk. New motto? The West Fjords are the best fjords!
Before setting out we took a peek at the Sorcerer's Cottages next to the Laugarholl Guesthouse.

This area of Iceland was breathtaking; Driving around the fjords provides scenery good enough to move you to tears! Craggy, mossy cliffs high into the sky on either side of the piercing blue fjords. You get into a beautiful lulling rhythm driving around the U-bend roads, passing one fjord after another.

We pulled over to take photos at a lone house which turned out to be Litlibær - a small museum and cafe on an old farmstead, built in 1895. A friendly dog greeted us out front.

Our main stop-off today was the Arctic Fox Centre in Súðavík. Here we slurped down a warm bowl of vegetable soup and took a look at the exhibit with lots of interesting Arctic Fox facts. Some things I learnt: they are Iceland's only truly native mammal, their fur is so insulating that they wouldn't shiver in temperatures of -70°C, they are monogamous and spend their whole life with one mate, they are very good at hunting birds, fish and sometimes attack sheep. Then we waited outside for the rescued orphan fox pup to wake up so that we could get a glimpse of him. "Ingi" was tiny and still wobbly on his feet. So cute!

Final stop for the day was Ísafjörður, where we wandered around the lovely fjord-side harbour town before dinner and bed.

To be continued

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