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May 22, 2015

Rainy, rainy Osaka

Last week we hopped a plane to Osaka to meet Kam's parents travelling from Australia. We took a morning flight hoping to spend the entire day exploring Osaka before we met up with Kam's mum and dad in the evening but, unluckily, we arrived to typhoon rains. After wandering around in the miserable rain with umbrellas for a little while, browsing Standard Bookstore and American Apparel in Amerikamura and eating some takoyaki we decided to call it a day and head back to our hostel. Last time the two of us were in Osaka for a day Kam had a stomach bug and it was raining too. We've come to the conclusion that Osaka just doesn't like us.

Not to worry! After a nice dinner and family reunion across town, we decided to walk home through Dotonbori so that Kamil wouldn't totally miss out on seeing Osaka (for a second time).  So here are some mega stereotypical tourist photos of Osaka's famous and rather surreal neon strip.

Next time we'll pin you down Osaka.


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