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May 22, 2015

Nara Tanjoubi: A Deer Birthday

2009 was the year we first visited Japan. On that month-long trip we travelled all over the country and fell hopelessly in love with too many aspects of Japanese culture to ignore. A few years later and we had moved here to live; a grand adventure had begun. 

It was on that very first trip, though, that we spent a very special day in Nara deer park on rented bicycles. The memory of this day stuck with us so strongly that when we were choosing places to potentially live in Japan, Nara topped our list. Alas, we were assigned Fukuoka (a city that until then we had never even heard of, but which has become a true second home over the last four years), and since then we hadn't had the chance to return to Nara until last week.

When we realised we would be in Osaka for my birthday this year, I requested we spend the day in Nara surrounded by beautiful deer - a dream come true. This time too we rented bicycles and fed deer and took in the traditional charm of this lovely city. I couldn't have asked for a better 26th birthday.


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