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March 8, 2015

Yanagawa in Almost-Spring

On our third trip to Yanagawa City yesterday we realised that we always visit the charming canal-lined town in March. We are always there just as the plum trees have blossomed but just before spring has come completely. Never summer, autumn, or proper winter. Always almost-spring. 

The first time we visited was with our friends in 2012 and we rode the canal boats and had a lovely time. Last year's trip we rented bicycles and rode alongside the canals. This time we took a canal boat up to the main town area, had delicious eel for lunch (the local specialty), checked out the massive op-shop Nishikaigan and skated and walked along the canals back to the train station. 

A trip to Yanagawa never fails to restore feelings of awe and wonderment for Japan. This tourist-like enthusiasm sometimes flails when you're in the city every day. 

When we came last year I realised when we were on the train that I had forgotten my camera battery. This time I was determined to capture all I saw, to make up for last year's mistake. 

So apologies for the large quantity of photos to come, but I hope you love Yanagawa as much as we do.


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