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March 3, 2015

Spring days are (almost) here: Snippets of Fukuoka in Early March

Early this week we had some fortuitous sunshine in Fukuoka, so I got out for some walks to soak up the Vitamin D. Here are a few moments from around Momochi, Nishijin and Ohorikoen areas of stunning Fukuoka.

Beautiful ume plum trees are blossoming all over the city now. How lucky to have one in your front yard.

Pink poodle of Momochi, right down near the Momochihama coast (close to Fukuoka Tower and the Fukuoka Dome).

The darling swan boats of Ohori Park. So sweet and full of character.

An array of colourful flowers sold from a cart on Nishijin Shotengai shopping street.

Late afternoon sun in Nishijin back streets. 


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