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March 23, 2015

Spring, you little beauty: A Walk to Atago Shrine

Somehow we made it through the winter with relative ease this year. As soon as the days became warm again, the months of frozen fingers, heat-tech thermals and hot water bottles were instantly forgotten. What a blessing this sunshine is! We are on the very brink of sakura season here in Fukuoka and I am waiting patiently for the buds of dreamy pink to burst open all over the city. Sakura are forecast to bloom in the next few days, but in the meantime it's hard to resist getting out in the sunshine. Today I took a walk to a nearby hilltop shrine called Atago Jinja. There are 2,000 cherry trees there waiting to blossom. I have a feeling I'll be going back later this week.

I love the suburban area near the shrine, especially the houses that sit on the rather steep hill leading up to Atago.


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