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March 3, 2015

A Very 'Hands-On' Crafternoon: Momoyo Arii WRAPPLE Workshop

Forgive my horrifically punny post title! One of my favourite people/creators on the planet, Momoyo Arii, held her first set of workshops this month in Fukuoka. She guided us through the making of antique-style photo frames with her original hand motif. The workshops took place at the ever-wonderful craft shop WRAPPLE, which popped up inside the new PARCO 2 building at the end of last year. 

There's something about a group of people getting together, with no other objective than to make things, that guarantees a very pleasant time. The lovely Lucy joined me for the workshop too. Here are some photos. 

Thanks Momo-chan and WRAPPLE Fukuoka for a very fun crafternoon! 
Check out Momoyo's pottery works here:


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