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February 27, 2015

LON-KUN 4EVER: Cat-sitting a 3-month old Russian Blue

At the start of this month a three-month old kitten came into our lives unexpectedly for one crazy, delightful week. Lon-kun's owner contacted us on a Friday asking if we could look after her kitten for a week, starting the next day. I'm so happy we said yes. 
Lon-kun was easy to love. His head is a little too big for his body, and his silky grey fur and beautiful blue-green eyes make him a very instagram-worthy cat.

We were perplexed by his love of water, climbing into our sinks (kitchen and/or bathroom), and following us into the toilet. His crazy amounts of kitten energy could be exhausting, especially when he decided to be a brat while I was trying to work. He really hated when I tried to do yoga, regularly pouncing at me while I was in a downward dog position.

I hit a 'eureka!' moment when I searched youtube for calming cat music and found "2 Hours of Cat Music - Relaxing Music for Cats". I was amazed to discover that it totally worked, and had him cuddled up in a ball on my lap just minutes after he had been running, jumping and climbing all over the apartment like a little monster. That cat music became my best weapon over the week, calming him down before bed, or when I needed a break from the 3 month old kitten-madness.

It was a great distraction from work to play with a kitten for hours each day, running him in circles and all over the apartment and playing with his favourite toys. I also loved picking him up and taking him on tours of the higher places of the apartment, letting him paw at the various hanging things around our house. He was a climber, and loved any chance to get up on cupboard tops. He figured out how to scale Kamil's body while he stood washing dishes and repeated this trick almost nightly. He would sit on my shoulder as I brushed my teeth. 

One of my favourite things was his little kitten face when he was sleepy, and the magical moments each day when he curled up on my lap and slept like a perfect, tiny, angelic creature. Also notable was his cheeky face after he woke from a nap, ready for mischief. 

Having a kitten crawl into our bed to sleep in between us each night was another highlight, and one of the things I miss the most. His warmth was better than any hot water bottle. 

I love you, kitten. Thanks for being a great buddy and I know you will grow up to be a wonderful cat. 


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