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December 8, 2014

Books and Leaves in Takeo City

About an hour and a half drive from Fukuoka into Saga, you can find yourself in a lovely little onsen town called Takeo City. We first visited last winter, and the allure of the city's incredible public library brought us back a few weeks ago when Kam had a long weekend off work. Read all about the beautiful library here - but basically it was reopened in 2013 and combines library + bookstore + cafe + stunning design. If you like books and the bookstore atmosphere, Takeo City Library is the place you want to be. 

We spent a few solid hours in the library after a pleasant drive, and took a wander to the nearby shrine, bamboo forest and famous 3,000 year old camphor tree.

Stopping at an information counter, en route to our night's accommodation, we discovered that an autumn leaves light-up event was happening nightly for another week or so. The brochure's pictures were too tempting to ignore, so after dinner we visited what was one of the most magical autumn scenes I think I've ever witnessed. The Mifuneyama Momiji Illumination was packed with people, yet so peaceful and bewitching. Another reminder of how lucky we are to be living here.



  1. These photos are absolutely amazing!!

    I remember seeing your blog last year.
    I thought I'd hunt it down again, find some ideas on what to do.

    As I am heading to Japan from Perth this Thursday. YAY!

    So excited.

  2. Hey Junior, thanks for your comment! Where are you headed in Japan? Hope you have an awesome time (nice time to escape the Perth summer heat!)