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October 7, 2014

TOKYO DIARIES 2014 - pt.5: Harajuku II and Shibuya

My second-last day in Tokyo and I had finished everything on the business-end of my trip, so I set off for a day of wandering in Harajuku and Shibuya before my first ever nail appointment with Cabbage Manami (more on that later!)

Possibly my #1 favourite shop in Fukuoka is WALL, which is run by H.P. France. It's a really wonderful place to get unique gifts, insane jewellery and accessories and check out what some of Japan's most exciting and creative designers are up to. I go to the Fukuoka shop often, but it was my first time to see the Tokyo store, located in Laforet Harajuku.

I had lunch inside Laforet, at this sweet cafe with lots of natural light and a huge chandelier. 

Then, it was onto strolling around the great shopping district of Harajuku. Some shops featured below: 6% Doki Doki (famous for its bright, loud Tokyo-flavoured accessories), Theatre Products, Punk Cake (a great little vintage shop with a friendly owner), Candy Stripper...

The sign next to this incredible building says Harajuku Mental Clinic. Quite incredible.

Loved this mural, which was finished this year (2014). 

More wandering...

Stopped by an old favourite, Nadia, and the wonderful fairy-light stocking haven, Avant-Garde. 

The small, cute boutique Faline Tokyo which often collaborates with artist Fafi, and stocks Olympia Le-Tan.

On my way to my nail appointment in Shibuya I stopped at the station for some energy in the form of a frozen macha and adzuki-bean drink. The shop serves soy-milk drinks only, and had an awesome range of macha options. Heaven for a lactose-hating, green-tea-loving gal like myself.

Time permitted for a quick stop off at AA!

And I ended the day back at Shibuya crossing with gem-adorned Sailor Moon themed nails (photos soon). Oh, Tokyo.


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