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October 9, 2014

TOKYO DIARIES 2014 - pt.6: Koenji

On Tuesday in Tokyo I had the morning to kill before my flight home, so I decided to go to one of my favourite parts of town - Koenji. 

Before that, I woke up in the morning to admire my new Sailor Moon nail art! I have followed nail artist cabbage manami on instagram for awhile now, and always dreamed of having gem-encrusted girly nails at least once in my life. So when I decided I would be visiting Tokyo, I started hatching a plan to book my first ever nail appointment. 

The salon (salon ao) was in Shibuya and it took about 90 minutes. The whole time I was watching carefully as cabbage-san worked magic on my nails. They are gel nails, so three weeks on they are still going strong~

After packing my little suitcase and storing it in a locker at Shinjuku Station, I went on my way to Koenji. 

I was on the second floor of this Koenji vintage shop around noon when everything started shaking. Everyone in the shop started looking at eachother as the whole building shook and vintage hats and hanging things rattled. A few things fell too! We were all sort of frozen, not knowing how worried we should be, then a shop staff came up the stairs and said we should all get out onto the street. So together we all left. The shaking only lasted about 10 seconds, and soon after everything returned completely to normal and I wandered off down the street as people casually went back to what they were doing. I guess that's how it is in an earthquake prone city. But people were saying it was the biggest one in Tokyo recently, and some friends even messaged me from Australia to see if I was okay. And I was okay, of course, nothing bad happened, but I always find myself a little uneasy after these small earthquake encounters.

The rest of my morning wandering, I was a little on edge and felt ready to get on a plane home to Fukuoka. I still managed to see lots of cute shops and I always love the peace and quiet of Koenji streets compared to the main Tokyo districts.

This shop was just magical! I bought a unicorn-shaped candle for my friend back in Fukuoka who helped me plan some of the Tokyo trip. The shop owner was so cute and lovely too.

Ahh, Koenji streets...

This whole shop reminded me of a 90s kid's bedroom.

I always pop by Spank! - home to the 80s pastel vibe, with a bunch of cute & girly, handmade items and pastel secondhand clothing from the US.

As it was still early in the day, most of the shops at Kitakore building were closed. Bad luck! This collective of shops is always inspiring, so many creative forces in a very concentrated area. Luckily ilil and Garter were open.

And with that, I said goodbye to Koenji and hopped back on a train to Shinjuku to make my way to the airport, and home.

One bonus little Tokyo post coming.


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