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September 29, 2014

TOKYO DIARIES - pt.4: Harajuku morning

My Sunday morning in Tokyo was spent meeting my brother in Harajuku to visit the Apple Store and have lunch before we went back to the office. I arrived half an hour early and had a peek around Takeshita-dori, the crazy end of Harajuku. In the past when I was a tourist to Japan, this place certainly had more appeal to me - nowadays I know I can get a lot of these "trend" items in Fukuoka if I really want them - but it's nonetheless an experience to walk down the packed, hyper colour centre of kawaii youth culture in Tokyo. On the other side of this street you'll find a nice little labyrinth of backstreets filled with some of the best small independent shops. But walking down Takeshita-dori can be a little overwhelming on a busy day. 

On Sunday I took a quick wander and snapped some photos. I promised myself I would come back and explore the other side of Harajuku before I left Tokyo on Tuesday. 

Riding the Yamanote Line brings back such distinct memories of our first times visiting Japan as tourists from Australia. It's a little natsukashii.

Arriving early in the day meant Harajuku wasn't too packed yet, so I took a little wander in the time I had.

I didn't eat a crepe - the symbol of Harajuku - but certainly enjoyed the cute sign designs.

We stopped by the new Omotesando-dori Apple Store which opened earlier this year. Afterwards, we had amazing burgers nearby. Mine was filled with edamame bean mix, and came with a fresh apple juice. Delicious.

That's all for now, but I still have more posts coming ♡

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