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September 18, 2014

TOKYO DIARIES 2014 - pt.2: Hello Sandwich crafternoon

One of the highlights of my Tokyo trip was attending a "crafternoon" craft workshop with Hello Sandwich. I've followed the Hello Sandwich blog for years now, always enjoying her dreamy images from Tokyo. Ebony is an inspiring fellow-Australian living in Japan. She creates cute things all the time as a craft artist, designer and blogger, has released a Japanese craft book (pictured below) and a Tokyo Guide (which sold out before I could get my hands on it!) and is currently working on a new book to be released next year. Check out her stuff!
When I decided I was going to Tokyo, I messaged Hello Sandwich instagram to see if any workshops were coming up, and I was in luck! So that's how I found myself upstairs at the cute craft shop East Side Tokyo Craft in Asakusabashi on Saturday, relaxing and playing with some cool craft tools for four hours with lots of lovely ladies.  

We set to work making two envelopes and decorating a sweet wooden box. Ebony gave lots of tips and showed us some interesting techniques and tools, and then we were given free license to get crafting! The colours of the Martha Stewart paints we used were lovely, and I went with pastels (predictable, I know) as my colour theme.

And here's my end result! Using the paints, stencils, and punchers, we all made our own unique set of three. I also couldn't resist shopping downstairs in the craft shop post-workshop where I picked up some neon mt tape, along with some great inks for my stamp-making hobby. 

Big thanks to Hello Sandwich Ebony - I had a wonderful time and hope you can make it down to Fukuoka some day soon!



  1. Viva!KAMOI
    2014 new KAMOI mt tapes are in my store.

  2. Akira - that's cool, I love mt tapes. Which store do you work in?

  3. Wow!! Everything looks so pretty , I think I would have gone crazy there with so many things , for example those cutters are pure love

  4. bic camera @kashiwa
    i use to bring this tape case with cutter which i have remodeled to fit Kamoi in.