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January 4, 2014

Snowy times in Kumamoto Prefecture

We continued our Kyushu road trip from Kurokawa through Aso to the icy mountaintops, along the way encountering deer, a strange topiary landscape, and lots of snow. Kumamoto Castle was the day's final pitstop before we made our way to the night's accommodation in Yame. Kumamoto was a total winter wonderland for us. 
As we started our morning drive, a snowy landscape of the side of the road proved too tempting and we had to pull over to take a look.

We also came across a strange spot with lots of topiary plants and an enclosure of deer.

Making our way into Aso, we stopped again for another great photo spot. I was still amazed to have my darling friend Izzy in Japan! 

Lunch was a perfectly hot bowl of udon with a view of the Aso mountains. I still dream about this udon, the noodles were handmade and the toppings were plentiful!

Back on the road, we tried to get up close and personal at the Aso volcanic crater but unfortunately access was closed. 

Final stop for the day was Kumamoto Castle. It was the first time for Kam and I to visit and we were really impressed - I would go so far as to say it's my favourite castle I've seen in Japan yet.

The four of us were more than happy to check-in to our night's accommodation and enjoy hot bath, a homely but grand minshuku meal in Yame, and a good night's rest.


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