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November 9, 2013

Holy Koyo, Batman! An Autumn Leaves Daytrip in Yame and Kumamoto

Another incredible day-trip in Kyushu today, we rented a car and did a koyo (autumn leaves) driving tour. We drove to Yame first, stopping off at the incredible Yamanaka Glen. Most of the following photos are from this heavenly nature spot. After some lunch, we continued our drive through Kumamoto Prefecture (Mt. Kuju scenic route) and on to Beppu, Oita where we visited a friend's art exhibition before coming home. I'll post about the exhibition another time, but for today here is small taste of spectacular autumn in Japan...

We started our trip off in Yame, which is in Fukuoka Prefecture. Yame never fails to inspire me, with its endless tea fields and lovely old town area, and this day was no exception. We drove to the scenic spot of Yamanaka Glen for some epic autumn landscapes.

This spot down in the valley was picture-perfect and quite deserted when we arrived so we had the scenery to ourselves.

Every colour of autumn was on display, from greens through yellow, orange, red and burnt ombre.

After a wonderful leisurely stroll through the autumn wonderland of Yamanaka Glen, we got back on the road towards Kumamoto Prefecture. Somewhere along the way we stopped for an unbelievable home-style donburi lunch.

Next, we navigated our way through Kumamoto Prefecture (Mt. Kuju scenic route) on our way to the art exhibition in Beppu, Oita. There's a toll to use the Kuju scenic route but it's worth it in the middle of Autumn when the roadside is lit up with the fiery fall colours. Naturally, we stopped for a famous local ice-cream as we passed through Aso.

Road trips forever x

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