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September 22, 2013

Flea Market Fun at the Daimyo Matsuri

Cross over from the big department stores of Tenjin & find yourself in the maze of Daimyo. Daimyo is probably my favourite part of Fukuoka. I've spent countless afternoons wandering by myself around the jungle of streets that are home to independent design, antique and vintage shops, sweet cafes, little bars, book shops and so on. The first few times I went to Daimyo I was fresh in Japan and relied heavily on google maps on my iPhone to navigate. Now I know the streets and have regular routes and stops, but I still feel as if I am only scratching the surface.

Daimyo lies behind this main road of Nishi-dori in Tenjin. 

This weekend was the first ever Daimyo Matsuri - two days of music, art, beauty, gourmet and fashion events. I was away in Yame on Saturday, but when we got back into town on Sunday I managed to drag myself back to the city to check out the flea market that was part of the festival. I'm very happy I did, as I got a cute skirt for ¥300, and some sweet 70s dessert cups, plus I found out about a few more shops to add to my list. 

After looking at the flea market, I wandered around some more Daimyo shops. Would love it if they held a flea market every Sunday, as it's a good reason to get out of the house, and I miss going to the markets!

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  1. hi! I really like your blog :))
    I'm a Hungarian girl living in Tokyo, and I love flea markets and vintage fashion too! :D