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January 20, 2013

Our Australian Homecoming - Christmas in Perth 2012

After dreaming and counting down for months and months, the moment came when Kam & I returned home to Perth for Christmas. It was our first time back home since living in Japan. 

To tell the truth, I thought it was going to be much weirder coming back to Australia. I was prepared for reverse culture shock, but I soon realised that Perth is still my home. Although the city has changed lots over the past year, and our friends' and families' lives have shifted in some ways, nothing feels too different. Of course, I've spent 22 out of 23.5 years of my life there, so it would take a lot to make it feel unfamiliar. I don't know what I was worried about.

We had the best time over 10 days spent reuniting with everyone, celebrating Christmas, enjoying the 40degree heat (I realised when you're on holiday, it's possible to enjoy day after day of 40 degrees. When you live in that heat all summer, it's a different story), swimming, drinking cider, eating homely foods (green apples, mangoes, avocado, Mum's curry) and staring into the big brown eyes of my darling dog Billy.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  Here are some photos...

Best Christmas ever. I came back to Fukuoka replenished and ready to see what 2013 has on offer.

Until next time, love you Perth. 



  1. It looks like you had a lovely time. Nice pictures as well! What camera do you use?

  2. うわーいいな。

  3. and Perth will welcome you back with open arms each and every time you return xxx Love your family and Billy xxxx

  4. @NyNy thanks for your comments :) I use a regular canon 450D digital SLR, but I edit them afterwards in photoshop.

    @akira メセージありがとう!ハーバートの家は懐かしいですね!母のカレはめっちゃ美味しかった!今東京にいますか?

    @jeileen <3