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October 25, 2012

OSAKA DIARIES 2012 - Part 3: Takoyaki and Osaka Castle

The final part of my Osaka trip diaries. Nat, Aya and I returned from a day at Universal Studios Japan and decided to cross off another Osaka food experience- takoyaki (fried octopus balls). Near Aya's apartment we bought two servings, one with normal sauce and one with ponzu, along with some conbini cocktails, and went back to her place to eat. 
I've had some good takoyaki in Fukuoka, but there was something extra special about these ones.

Once we were full up on delicious takoyaki, we lay on the carpet and watched the amazing/terrible film The Wedding Planner (feat. J-Lo and Matthew McConnaughey) and enjoyed our last night together with all three girls.

Ayako had to work in the morning, so Nat and I said goodbye and went back to the hotel, still unsure of how we would spend our final day in Osaka. Being extremely tired, we decided on a leisurely trip to see Osaka Castle before both of us went back home (me by plane to Fukuoka, Nat by shinkansen to Tokyo).

The weather was brilliantly sunny when we got out at the station. When I was waiting for Natsuki outside a bathroom, I noticed this creepy eyeball in the grass.

We went to see the castle, which was really nice. The view from the top observation floor was amazing, looking out over the whole of Osaka city.

After a long lunch & great girl chats, we headed back to the center of Osaka to pick up our luggage, stopping to do some purikura (something we had meant to do when Aya was with us).

And so we found ourself at the end of our very brief getaway. We looked in a souvenir shop before taking one more look at the Glico man, and heading for home.

I had the best time in Osaka with two of the best girls. It's definitely a city I'd like to visit again, made all the more fun by my travel partners. Until next time ♡

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