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November 10, 2012

Hita Lantern Festival

Hita is where our friend's grandparents live, so we were lucky to be shown around this town for a wonderful day. Hita is known as Little Kyoto because it was modelled after the merchant culture of Kyoto. Walking the streets of the preserved Mameda Town is like stepping back in time. We visited our friends' grandma's house, walked around the town in free rental kimonos and enjoyed the lantern festival that was happening at the time.  All photos thanks to Motoki (he's the best photogapher!)


While in Hita, we also visited this waterfall that you can walk behind/under. It was a freezing day, not exactly the right weather to be walking under waterfalls, but still really good to see.

At night time, we walked around the town, illuminated with lanterns. The town looked so beautiful illuminated, even in the rain.


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