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November 3, 2012

What is a Mook? A Look at Ahcahcum Cat Bags

It's taken too long for me to post about these babies, my beloved ねこ(cat) bags. I'm not sure if they do this elsewhere in the world, or it's just at Japan thing... Many well-known clothing brands sell their new season catalogues at book-shops for around ¥2,000, and inside the package is a free tote bag or purse relating to the collection. Usually the designs look quite cheap, and it's obvious that they are free gift bags. But every once in awhile you see a real gem, and that's where I introduce  あちゃちゅむ←→ムチャチャ (ahcahcum-muchacha).

Twice a year, this amazing Japanese brand releases their "mook" catalogue & free bag. Ahcahchum muchacha's regular designs are gloriously bizarre, with a big focus on prints ranging from animals (rabbits, cats) to doll parts, teddies, eyes, mushrooms and other Victorian style illustrations. Trust me, you guys, it's just the best. But their regular items will also set you back a fair few yen.

Lucky for us, they are very generous with the designs of the free bags they release with their catalogue. Each of the past two editions has featured a pair of amazing cat bags– one big bag (which fits your whole life inside, seriously) and one little guy (a purse). After buying the Spring Summer edition earlier this year, I used my cat bags constantly.

♡2012 Spring & Summer♡

And when I saw online that they were set to release another set of kitty friends in October, I marked my calendar and made sure to head straight to the bookstore on the day of release. They sell out notoriously quickly, and I'm sure you can see why.

♡2012 Autumn & Winter♡

I'm looking forward to seeing what next year's Spring & Summer collection has in store, but for now I will diligently use my army of cat bags. Check out their official website here: あちゃちゅむ←→ムチャチャ


  1. really want some :'( never managed to get it the whole time i was in japan sob sob sob

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  3. I actually just purchase the brown cat tonight. :) Does the cross-body strap come with it or did you add it yourself?

  4. @kelsey, the cross body strap doesn't come with the bag, but you can easily attach your own strap. you'll love your catbag, I'm sure ^-^