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October 23, 2012

OSAKA DIARIES 2012 - Part 2: Halloween at Universal Studios Japan

For our second full day in Osaka, we decided to risk the public holiday crowds and visit Universal Studios Japan. I've never been to Universal Studios before, and hadn't planned on going during my stay in Osaka – the decision was really spontaneous! Due to this I hadn't done any prior research into the park and its attractions, so everything we did and saw was completely new to my eyes.

Ayako woke us up super early so we wouldn't have to queue too long at the gates, and it was definitely worth it. 

We bought a booklet of express tickets that allow you to skip the queue at the 7 top attractions. We made it into the park nice and early, just after it opened and thanks to the booklet we enjoyed a day with minimal time spent waiting in line. I definitely recommend the express booklet if you're willing to spend a bit more. 

We wandered around the NY area of the park before our first ride- The Amazing Spiderman!

The rides at USJ use 3D glasses a lot, which I haven't experienced before. It can make the rides really realistic. After Spiderman (which was awesome) we rode Back to the Future before stopping for lunch at a Jurassic Park themed restaurant.

Next we watched the Waterworld live show before riding Jurassic Park,  JAWS, Backdraft and my favourite (and by far the scariest) ride–the Hollywood Dream rollercoaster. The coaster snakes its way around the whole park, with huge dips and loops, and the safety belt situation really makes the ride feel less safe than it is. I screamed that kind of desperate girl-scream that surfaces in such situations– the type of scream so shrill you don't even recognise it as your own. It's safe to say that I thought I was going to die for a minute there.



After my lungs got a work out on the rollercoaster, it was time for the daily parade which was a Halloween themed carnivale parade. A little bit random in concept, but Japanese people at theme parks absolutely LOVE daily parades- some sitting on the side of the road all morning to reserve their spot.

The park was all done up for Halloween, and lots of park visitors were dressed in costume for the Halloween party at night.

We had an awesome pizza as energies were lagging a little. 

And finally we visited the gift-shop, where they had Spidermen Noodles (men means noodles in Japanese) and Snoodles (snoopy noodles). We enjoyed the puns.

A really awesome and unexpected day trip. All that screaming was quite therapeutic in the end.

Final Osaka diary to come soon.


  1. It looks like so much fun i love it!!!

  2. I desperately want to spend a day at a theme park now just being silly.