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September 7, 2012

Summer Round Up 2012: Catching Cicada, Balcony BBQ, Fireworks and Shikanoshima Beach

Summer's almost gone. The nights are getting cooler, and it has become bearable to sit outside to eat lunch again. I haven't posted anything here in awhile, but that is probably because I was having too much fun over summer! 

Since living in Japan, I've grown to love the hot weather again. Summer in Japan means lots of barbeques, street festivals, fireworks, beer and general festivities. Everyone is out doing things and enjoying the sun, however humid it may be. The sun isn't as harsh as in Australia, and once you get used to being a bit sweaty all the time, things are great. 

Lots has happened since Fuji Rock, so I'm gonna try and condense it into a few posts. Summer round up part I. 

☆♡☆ Fafi x WEGO t-shirt being hand washed in our pretty pastel blue bathroom. I have loved Fafi for many, many years. Super happy to find this t-shirt.

☆♡☆ せみ (cicada) catching! Kam's supervisor came by one Saturday morning with his adorable kid, to catch cicada together. Near our apartment there are huge trees where what seems like thousands of cicada live in summer. In the early mornings and late nights, they get really, really noisy. Last summer, it was a huge problem for my sleeping habits, but I'm happy to report that their noise no longer wakes me up.

Catching bugs is a big summer activity for kids in Japan. It's easy to see how the concept for Pokemon originated.

☆♡☆ We were lucky enough to get some calligraphy materials for free (they were destined for the trash at Kam's work), so we tried our hand at Japanese calligraphy one afternoon. Really fun and relaxing, but certainly some room for improvement. Kam's kanji were pretty impressive!!

☆♡☆ We had a BBQ on our tiny balcony with our friends Mina and Myungwhan. Our BBQ uses coal, which can be difficult to get going...but once its on fire, it's the best! Really good food, good beer, good company.

Afterwards we rode down to the beach to do fireworks at Momochihama.

☆♡☆ A day at the beach in Shikanoshima- the day I finally got to swim in the ocean this summer. It was perfect (apart from a little sunburn, some cut feet and a few jellyfish). We had our own little private, albeit rocky, stretch of beach. After setting up the tent, we spent the day swimming, snorkelling, climbing the rocks, eating bento, smashing a watermelon and relaxing.

All photos to follow are by Motoki.

 That concludes part I. I also have some disposable and keitai (mobile phone) photos to share, coming soon!


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