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September 24, 2012

Red Carpet: Fukuoka International Film Festival Party in Tenjin

One fun part of my job is event planning. We hold big parties and events for the international community in Fukuoka every few months, and the latest of these was a red carpet event in Daimyo in collaboration with this year's Fukuoka International Film Festival. The event was part of this year's official festival programme, and the first time for such a party to be open to the public- with VIP actors and directors from across Asia in attendance. I don't usually post about the events because they go past in a big blur and leave me dazed for a good day or two following the big night, but this one was a bit special so I thought I'd share! 

The venue was really pretty and we had a great time! Here are a few photos from the night...

I wore my Zara fish dress. The above photo is with our MCs for the night, TK and Nita, and our photographer Nobu.

Here are some official photos by Nobu for Fukuoka Now. Check out the full album here.

Our next event is a talent show for foreigners in Fukuoka. Yeah, my job is pretty fun!

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