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May 29, 2012

Turning 23 in Fukuoka: My First Japanese Birthday

A few weeks ago I turned 23, my first birthday in Japan. It was really fun. Even though my birthday was on Sunday, celebrations began on Friday, when I was surprised by my co-workers with the cutest cake ever...

Kam gave me special balloons and I received some really lovely gifts (including my own copy of Ghost World, and some amazing packages from my family and lovely friend in Perth). We went to Ohori Park and rode the paddle boats shaped like swans the day before my birthday, and ended up battling some pretty strong current in them. It was still great fun. 

After watching Kam play baseball on the Sunday (my birthday) we got ready for dinner with our friends. I wore the craziest fake lashes (つけまつげ) that I bought in the party section of the local ¥100 store. They were so crazy big that I could hardly see half the time!

We went to Zauo- probably my favourite restaurant in Fukuoka. The restaurant has two huge ships built inside, and you can fish for your dinner off the side of the boats. Really great. I posted about it here, when we visited with Kam's brother who was visiting from Australia.

We had plenty of delicious food and drinks. Kam and I even caught a fish that was made into great sashimi.

I had a really sweet cake, that was completely lovely even with its slightly damaged skirt (it was originally a mother's day cake, so we had to remove the mother's day decorations...)

It was a really, really great time. Afterwards we walked to a yatai (street stall) in Tenjin and had another drink there.

Kamil somehow told the yatai owner that it was my birthday, which resulted in all of the patrons sitting close around the stall (mostly strangers) singing happy birthday to me! The owner also gave us free birthday drinks. It was certainly a memorable end to my first birthday in Japan.


p.s. Kam bought me the beautiful necklace that I loved, for my birthday. Wearing it feels like having the most special parts of the universe hanging round my neck. 

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