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May 6, 2012

Cute + Pastel + Old: Mojiko Retro Antique Fair

On Friday Kam, Momo, Motoki and I went to the Mojiko Retro Antique Fair, about an hour's drive from Fukuoka. Mojiko is at the crossing point between Kyushu and Honshu. We had a really great day in the port town, which is really charming and has many old buildings. 

On a grassy area next to the port, around 20 stalls were set up. A few things struck me about the stalls. Firstly, the majority of antiques on sale were from America, not Japan. I was surprised to see so much imported stuff, but the standard was still really high. I was also really impressed with the amount of effort sellers put into the visual merchandising of their stalls- with carefully arranged and often inventive ways of displaying the goods.

I took some photos of my favourite items on display. I guess I should add a disclaimer: THERE WERE THINGS OTHER THAN SAD OLD ANIMAL TOYS AT THE FAIR... I just didn't photograph them. Sorry! Cute + pastel + old is a really good combination for me.

Part II of our Mojiko Retro adventures to come too, very soon I promise.


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