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May 31, 2012

Five Year Anniversary at the Top of Fukuoka Tower

For our 5 year anniversary, Kamil booked a surprise dinner at the restaurant at the top of Fukuoka Tower. We rode our mamacharis to the tower in our fanciest outfits, and took the elevator to the "Sky Lounge" restaurant, 120m above ground level.

Kam booked for 7pm, which was perfect timing to see the amazing panoramic view of Fukuoka City whilst it was still light. Over the course of our dinner, we saw the scenery change from day to night.

The food was incredible, and we had our own corner of the restaurant. The booth style seating, facing out towards the window, was really great. It felt like we were the only people there.

Kam even ordered a surprise cake to come at the end of the meal ♡♡♡

When we had finished, we walked up one flight of stairs to the main observatory level of Fukuoka Tower, to take in the 360 degree view of the city lights.

We took in the view of the city we currently call home. Another truly magical experience, I can't think of a better way to have celebrated 5 years together ♡


P.s. I wore my new dress from Zara, featuring an amazing underwater fish print.

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