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April 7, 2012

Bought in Fukuoka: Cheesy's Plaited Dream Tights

Even though I acquired these over a month ago- I have been saving them up for the time of sakura picnics. I was so happy that the weekend finally came to break the out of their adorable wrapping.

Probably the cutest tights I've ever owned. I saw them on pretty girls on Japan street style blogs months ago, and had tried in vain to search ebay and etsy for "plait tights" "plaited hair stockings" and so on... to no avail. Then, I stumbled across them at a pop-up store in the Tenjin department store PARCO. 
I waited a week or so, to make sure that my heart was true, and when I couldn't stop thinking about them, I went back and made them mine. On Sunday, I decided it was the day to take them into the world- on a ohanami picnic in Sannou Park with my dear friend Yoh, Kamil and Yoh's friend Mikiko.

Soon I will post photos from our little picnic.

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