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March 31, 2012

Pottery. Takoyaki. Umeshu. Mario.

I am way behind on blog posts, I apologise. This one's a long time coming, from when we had an awesome triple date with some great people! I met Momoyo late last year, when we spent a whole day together being in photos for the Nishitetsu magazine. By the end of the day we had become friends and were looking forward to meeting again. A few months later the magazine came out, and we laughed about the three page spread comprised of photos of us looking funny around Fukuoka...

After exchanging emails, we finally were able to make our next meeting- a pottery class triple date with Momoyo & her husband Motoki, my great friend Mina & her boyfriend Myung Hywan, and Kam & I. We went to a pottery studio in the city and had a group class with a private teacher.

The pottery class was really fun and interesting, and it was really great to be using my hands to make things again. We made mugs and rice-bowls.

 I made my mug love-heart shape! 

Soon Kam & I will return to the studio to pick up the finished product, after it has been fired and painted.

After the class we all went to the supermarket to get dinner supplies, then hopped on a bus to Momoyo & Motoki's home. As they are both designers, I was expecting their apartment to be creative and lovely... but I was in no way prepared for how amazing it was!

Every small detail of their apartment has been thought-out. It is big and open and lovely, has great wallpaper, and in a really wonderful location too! They are very lucky :)

We drank champagne and homemade umeshu (plum wine), which is my favourite drink, and was amazing.

For dinner we had takoyaki. It's so much fun to make, and always leaves me wondering why Western cooking isn't often a social activity (apart from barbecues, I guess). We all took it in turns to make the delicious octopus balls...

It was amazing! Mina and I took a little break on the (huge!) balcony and, even though it was fairly cold outside, it was very relaxing...

We came inside to find the 3 guys still cooking away diligently! 

We ended up with so much takoyaki that everybody was able to take a huge bundle home.

Finally, to cap off an amazing time, we all played Super Mario on the Wii!

P.s. Kamil took this polaroid of me before we left! You can see my new dress, which I bought at Hanjiro and sewed googly-eyes onto. It makes a nice noise if I accidentally touch it!

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