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March 3, 2012

One Day Whirlwind Fukuoka Tour

Kam's big brother Lukasz visited us last weekend in Fukuoka. His stay was really brief- only three nights - so we knew we had to fit as much as we could into the weekend. On Saturday we borrowed an extra bike for Lukasz from our lovely neighbour and set out to cover as much ground as we could.

I can't include photos of everything we did & saw, as we did so much, so I've cut it down to 7 checkpoints! 

Checkpoint 1: Ohori Koen
We rode to Ohori Koen & had a look around. This park holds some nice memories already, and we always manage to take our overseas guests here for a stroll. 

Checkpoint 2: ACROS, Tenjin
Next, we rode through Daimyo and Tenjin areas, stopped off at Bic Camera for some shopping and made our way to ACROS building. We climbed to the top of ACROS to show Lucas the city view...

Checkpoint 3: Kushida Shrine, Kawabata Shotengai, Tochoji and Shofukuji Temples
After lunch, we went riding through Hakata, parked our bikes and walked down Kawabata Shotengai and then to the lovely Kushida Shrine. Kushida is one of my favourites and a visit there always makes me happy. After Kushida, we also visited Tochoji and Shofukuji temples in Hakata (sorry, no photos!) They're both really pretty too- Tochoji has a new 5-storey pagoda and a huge wooden Buddha, and Shofukuji is Japan's first Zen temple. Kushida photos below...

Checkpoint 4: JR Hakata City
After Lukasz's mini "temple tour", we headed over to JR Hakata City and went to the rooftop for another city view (this time there were elevators, so no climbing!) After our rooftop adventure, we visited some stores below in the huge shopping complex of JR Hakata City- the Pokemon Centre and Tokyu Hands were our two main stops this time.

Checkpoint 5: Canal City
As the evening was setting in, it started to rain. We rode over to Canal City to watch the hourly water fountain show, and played some arcade games. As always, Taiko no Tatsujin was the favourite...

We also played a crazy jumping game in which you controlled characters who were racing on pogo sticks, by jumping. It was fairly ridiculous...

Checkpoint 6: Nakagawa River at night
We curved our way back through Nakasu, and Lukasz was able to see one of my favourite Fukuoka views- the Nakagawa River at night, illuminated by neon.

Checkpoint 7: Dinner at Zauo
And then, for the grand finale, we went to probably the coolest restaurant ever- Zauo. Here, you can catch your own fish by dangling the provided fishing line over the side of the two huge wooden ships. Kam & I had visited the place a few days earlier to take some photos for work, but we didn't get a chance to eat, so we were very keen to return. It was also Lukasz' first real dinner in Japan, so we wanted it to be special!

And special it certainly was. Although we didn't partake in the fishing, we ordered an amazing 3-4 person menu set that was full of the freshest sashimi, sushi, fried octopus, yaki-soba and other delights.

The food was so delicious and the atmosphere was insanely good. Anytime somebody caught a fish, the staff would announce it to the room and congratulate them over microphone, and everybody in the restaurant would clap for the successful fish-catcher!

We also witnessed the cutest mini-sashimi chefs ever! Zauo holds cooking sessions for children, where they learn to prepare fresh fish sashimi. They were so adorable.

Half-way through our dinner, the staff announced a fishing competition where the first guest to catch a fish would win it - prepared any way they wish- for their dinner. The competition just added to the excitement of the night...

And so, with our stomachs full and happy, we rode our bikes home after a full and exhausting but amazing day.

Of course there were many sights we couldn't fit into the day (Momochihama, Yahoo! Dome, Fukuoka Tower, many awesome temples & shrines (especially Atago), the botanical gardens area, a yatai meal etc. etc.) But I think we managed to give him a nice little overview of our new home.

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  1. Loving the pictures, particularly the arcade and the Nakagawa river at night, so much colour!
    Gems x