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February 18, 2012

Yuki Surprise! Snow Day in Momochi, Fukuoka

Yesterday I was at Yahoo! Dome assisting to shoot a video-report for work, and when I went outside after we finished, I was presented with the loveliest sight as snow floated down from the skies! After some lunch, it hadn't stopped, so I decided to ride my bicycle home through the snow. Half the time I was riding, I couldn't see because my whole face was covered in snow!
This is how I arrived home...

I can't tell you how overjoyed I was! Fukuoka has been teasing us with some light snowfall over the past few weeks, but usually it melts as it hits the ground. So when it started to build up on the trees and pathways yesterday, I may have gone a little crazy with photos. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we're from Australia where it NEVER snows. Also, we're living in southern Japan and weren't expecting much, if any, snow this Winter...

It was just so magical to see places that I see everyday covered in soft, white, lovely snow. Kam was at work, so I had nobody to share my excitement with for a few hours. I grabbed the camera and wandered around our apartment's yard for awhile (and yes, I used auto-timer on the camera!)


Then Kamil finally came home from work, and we took a night walk to survey the magic that the snow had worked on the Momichi area near our house...

We built a little snow-man (my first snowman!)

And Kamil failed to tell me that the sign I placed our snowman ontop of was a "Please clean up your pet's droppings" sign. Even as I enthusiastically posed next to the sign, telling Kam "Make sure you get the sign in", he didn't mention it!

We walked to Momochi Central Park...

Thank-you Fukuoka skies! Dream come true!


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