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January 19, 2012

Disposable Diaries: Tokyo on Film

Over New Year's, Kam & I flew to Tokyo to spend some time there with Mum & Dad before they left Japan. Usually I take the digital camera everywhere on holidays, but this time I didn't feel like being weighed down. Instead, I got a disposable camera at the station. 
I finally got the photos developed today, and it made me realise how much better it is shooting on film (even if it is just a cheap disposable camera). So here are some little pieces of our fleeting Tokyo getaway...



  1. yeah,that's what FILM is.
    film records not only light and color but also emotion, feeling and the air of the location as i can see in ur photos.
    so please do not call it a cheap disposable camera. we call it "film with lenses". coz the camera which uve used would be a new camera whith a new film loaded on and the film is not cheap at all. its a great film.

  2. I love the platform sole converse style trainers - sometimes you want a little boost in height without the discomfort of heels :)