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December 9, 2011

Showing Martina Around Fukuoka: Canal City & Tenjin

Last week we had a special visitor from Australia! She arrived on the same day that Kamil came home from a business conference in Tokyo. I had requested some maccha kitkats from Kam, but he couldn't find them at the airport, so he brought home these instead (blueberry cheesecake!)...

Here is Martina in the Nishijin Shotengai.


We went to Canal City first. The Christmas decorations are themed to a French Winter's forest, and we stumbled upon a concert in support of World AIDS Day. They played lots of Christmas songs, and the audience clapped along cutely.

Christmas has really hit the stores in Fukuoka...

Most people already know about KFC's presence in Japanese Christmas celebrations (if you don't, read about it here) but I, like most foreigners, still find it bizarre. I really hate KFC, so our home will not succumb to the tradition this year, but I think Colonel Sanders looks a little cute in his Santa Suit!

We got some purikura for memories...


And had a tea break at the cutest cafe in Canal City, the Moomin Bakery & Cafe. The interior is really sweet, enhanced by the fact that each table has it's own little Moomin friend waiting for you to join it...

We then left Canal City & took a walk along the Nakasu River towards Tenjin. The weather was actually really nice- not too cold and quite sunny...

We then stopped off at Kam's work building, and I was surprised by how much the colours have changed at ACROS. Autumn has come slowly, but is really pretty.

We then stopped off at Kego Park, where there is a temporary Christmas ice-skating rink! It is small but really cute, and uses manmade ice that doesn't melt. I want to have a go someday soon.

We then wandered around Daimyo, before meeting up with Kam after he finished work. We stopped off again at Kego Park to see the illuminations & ice-skating at night. So pretty!

Tsukemen for dinner. Delicious.

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